CaliMoving&Storage is the customer-oriented company. This means that our focus is not what we do but how we do our work. Our managers are ready to help and advise you on all matters related to moving or storage services.

During relocation force majeure circumstances are real, if you plan your moving without the help of professional movers. If you want your moving to pass without force majeure and unplanned expenses, you can order a transfer to our moving company. We will provide you a comfortable transfer, cheap and hassle-free. You will clearly know when and in what order will be moving stages. Our secret is simple: we have an individual approach to each customer!

Our company provides professional services freight from yearly 2011. CaliMoving&Storage – ​​reliably and accurately will carry your personal belongings during the moving process. On the site you can get acquainted with all the services. When ordering, we will find the optimal number of items and size of the machine.

Industry moving company, CaliMoving is not limited to freight – Professional movers team perform complex handling and lifting work. Also storage services are possible.

As a result: hundreds of satisfied customers!


Transportation of furniture, objects and equipment rather time-consuming task. Not everyone is able to load and unload things and often do not have the appropriate car. Faced with this problem, you can order a moving company who do their work most efficiently, inexpensively, in a minimum time.

Movers demand at any level crossings; when it required strong, hardy boys for unloading trucks, carrying musical instruments, furniture, cabinets, safes, racks and other bulky items that can not afford to raise the majority of customers. For transportation of furniture order van with professional movers to quickly load, unload and install the transported goods to the correct place.

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If you temporarily do not have the room with sufficient space for the storage of goods, there is nothing unnatural, because similar situations faced by many, and, often enough. Apparently, your growing business has reached such proportions that a certain increase in turnover has led to a catastrophic shortage of space in the warehouse.

The most favorable from a financial point of view and easy solution in such cases – the use of the services of responsible storage warehouse. One of the most important features for you this service is that you have to pay only for the space occupied by your product.


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